Bee's Products are the Cleanest Natural Product

In a book printed in 1750, John Hill wrote in wisdom:”Not enough attention is given at this time to healing effect of honey and other bee’s products, and that represents that man is starting to neglect ordinary things…We seek at most distant parts of the world, medication to reduce or eliminate problems, but we would never had those problems if only used what bees collect for us at our doorstep”.

This great truth was told before 258 years, and was never more true than now. Never has mankind been more exposed to pesticides, preservatives, additives, radiation, genetically modified food and stress. All these negative factors leave consequences on our health, and especially on the health of our children. And BEE’S PRODUCTS are a rare type of food today that comes on our table in unaltered form, without industrial processing, just as it was made by bees. No preservatives or additives. Genetically modified food, because of low price is introduced in diet. No one can know what kind of consequences these new proteins and other matter from that food have on our organism.

All mentioned negative factors destabilize our immune system. It is known that in every man on the planet every day around 100.000 cancer cells are created, but out immune system destroys them. Ask yourself in what extent is that miraculous ability present in people who eat every day food filled with additives and pesticides? We are witness that vegetables, very often is treated with pesticides, and tomorrow sold on the market. It is the same with fruit. Uneducated and negligent people are prepared to do anything for profit, not realizing that they are ruining the future of their children. Chasing after profit has consumed the world, and walks over the victims. Often even the biggest experts say it better to die of disease than from hunger.

No one understand why people all over the world didn’t yet realize that food can be cheap? And we all know that organic food is expensive, whether we like it or not. Mass production of food at large surfaces requires mass use of various pesticides, so that farmers could fight off disease and vermin. Attitude that food must be cheap, is pushing farmers in the race with time, scaling up the production and that is why they use more and more pesticides and artificial fertilizres. So we are right in asking: what kind of food do we eat?

Beekeeping organizations from all over the World, fight to put on our table only organic food, and not just bee’s products. in cooperation with ecological movement, association for consumer protection and inspection, with goal to sell bee’s product of top quality at highest hygienic standards. Worrying about the quality of bee’s products, we take care of our health, but also about out immaculate reputation. These organizations publicly condemns those that sell bee’s product with questionable quality, or products that are just called that way, but never really seen the hive.

Therefore, the best thing is to procure honey and other bee’s products from your beekeeper, neighbor or people you know.

Although we know almost everything about the gifts from the hive, we will allow ourselves to introduce you with scientific discoveries that were made in recent years, which can help you to properly consume bee’s products, to feel the full benefit for your health that they offer of you use the daily, even I small amount. It is true that bee’s products are treated as folk medicine, but not many people know that honey is as much a food as it is medicine. Research show that daily consummation of honey in minimal dosage of at least one spoon a day, provides lot of beneficial effects on human health. That is the cheapest source of health you can buy today.