Using bes's Products for Prevention

Most frequent question that consumers ask the beekeepers is: How do I use bee’s products for prevention of illness and to boost the defensive capabilities of the organism? We will try to give you a simple answer. Apart from already listed ways, we have to emphasize that for preventive purposes it is best to use a mixture of honey, propolis and pollen, one spoon a day. Mixture is made by mixing 50 grams of propolis, 300 grams of pollen and 650 grams of honey. Crystallized honey is the best, to prevent the separation of pollen on the surface of the jar in the which them mixture is kept. Besides, crystallized honey is much better for consummation than the liquid, because it forces you to keep it longer in your mouth, which improves its healing capabilities, because of absorption of certain matters through blood vessels underneath the tongue.

People believe that crystallized honey is in fact artificial honey, and that could not be further from the truth. Every real honey crystallizes, some faster and some slower. Ripe honey crystallizes homogenously in the whole jar. Artificial honeys never, or seldom crystallize, and even when they do, the crystallize inhomogeneous. The best guarantee that you bought a natural honey is to buy it from a beekeeper you know, neighbor or acquaintance, and we recommend that your beekeeper is a member of the Association of beekeepers of Serbia who can prove that by his ID card for the year in which you are buying honey.

Royal jelly can be mixed with honey, but then it losses a part of its properties, when honey destroys acids and enzymes in royal jelly. It best to use it in its natural state, the same way the beekeepers collected it. Jelly is white, and is usually sold in small bottles of 10 grams and should be kept in a freezer. When the bottle is opened, it should be kept in a refrigerator. 200-600 miligrams should be used a day, depending on the purpose for what it is being used, by placing it underneath your tongue, which is the correct way of use.

It is very useful to use a lump of propolis and wax, heat it up and make them into thin plates, and placed in the living room near a heat source. For couple of months evaporating matter from the propolis and wax will fill the air in the room with its healing smell. You will not find a better air freshener!

You probably concluded based on the facts above, to preserve and promote health it is necessary to use bee’s products every day in the listed amounts. Because honey is food as much as it is cure!

As far as any food goes, and even bee’s products, it should be emphasized that the attitude of nutritionists and other experts is clear. It is best to eat food manufactured in the area where our ancestors lived and where you live today. Our organism is adjusted to that food and best suits your health, absorption of nutritional and medicinal matter from it and maintains your immunity. In accordance with you attitudes, we recommend that you consume honey and other bee’s products produced in your country.