Honey is Natural Treasure

Let’s talk about honey, which is the most accessible BEE’S PRODUCT. They call it natural treasure and forgotten treasure of history. And truly, honey is used since ancient days. Ancient people had a honey cult and treated it as cure. For a reason, because honey is the essence of nature, the juice of plant life. Bees make honey from nectar that plants secrete in order to attract bees and give them that sweet and nutritional matter, and bees in return bring pollen from a far, from other plants and pollinate them. That is how new life and honey is created. To feed us and treat us.

Honey was the first candy man ever tasted, thousands of years before the invention of industrial white sugar, that cannot be found in nature in such concentrations. That is why white sugar is unknown for human organism in that form and does not represents natural food. Its intake is a form of a stress to the organism, and doctors agree that it facilitates the development of numerous illness. Honey, unlike white sugar from a store, contains easily digestible absorbable sugars, mostly fruit and grape sugar, vitamins, minerals, proteins, ferments, plant hormones, alkaloids, flavonoids and numerous under-researched healing properties. That is why, compared to white sugar that is nothing more than pure energy, honey has the advantage. Unfortunately, today parents mostly chose to buy to their children industrial candy and creams, founded on white sugar, and not on honey, that has proven advantages for proper growth and development of children. Kids can consume it when they are one year old. With a tea spoon of acacia honey in a bottle of milk, children are put to sleep more easily and have a better sleep. In 1985, it was proven that the honey is a great treatment for children diarrhea, that is common occurrence because of the ever growing presence of food with additives and preservatives. During 2002 it was proven that honey is great for curing colon inflammation, which a growing occurrence of a modern man, exposed to stress and unhealthy diet. Scientists in the course of many researches during 2000, 2002 and 2005 proved that the use of honey stimulates breeding of useful bifidus and lactobacillus bacteria in the human intestine, that help us to digest food. In the research done in 2001, it was proven that folk saying about honey and milk, is founded! Namely, mentioned useful bifidus bacteria cannot breed in milk, but when you add honey, their breeding is started. A man ate more fruit than today, and ate simple sugars, that are needed for the breeding of these useful bacteria on a daily basis. Today, when diet is modern and founded on fast food, honey is a great replacement for fruit, and prevents the development of stomach problems caused by bad digestion of food. That is why doctors and gastronomes recommend the use of honey when preparing meals. Those are usually smaller amounts, so don’t really taste the sweetness, but after all these researches, no one should be allowed to prepare any meal without a spoon of honey.