Healing Properties of Shilajit (Mumiyo)

Few people heard about “shilajit’’ (mumiyo) or “mountain blood”, and people also call it “mountain tears” even tough it has been known for centuries. Several thousand of years ago, BEES that resided in rocks and caves built their own colonies in places that were inaccessible for humans or animals. In time, fossilization of honey occurred, WAX and ROYAL JELLY. For now that is the only realistic scientific assumption about its origin, because places where it is located and ingredients it contains point to such origin. There are various types of mumiyo classification depending on the place of its origin. In ancient times, “shilajit” (mumiyo) was used to treat various diseases. Aristotle, Avicenna, Biruni, Arazi and many other thinkers and doctors mention it.

And then, somehow it was forgotten. Only in the seventies of previous century proper attention was given to it, because it was discovered that “shilajit” (mumiyo) contains very rare amino acids, minerals and fatty acids. “Shilajit” (mumiyo) contains large numbers of minerals, six amino acids, natural acids, vitamins A, B, C and P (citrines), phospholipids and polyphenol complexes, terpenoids. Trace elements are also present (cobalt, nickel, copper, zinc, manganese, chrome, iron, magnesium, and other). There are more ingredients in “shilajit” (mumiyo) for which science still does not know. Russia, until couple of years ago prohibited that export of “shilajit” (mumiyo), because in Russia it is treated as national treasure. The color is dark or chestnut dark, and taste is mildly bitter.

It is determined that it has a anticoagulative property (against blood coagulation), and treats diseases of peripheral nervous system, radiculite, neuralgias, hard cases of neuralgia of trigeminus nerves as well as diseases of central nervous system. In the case of deep veins of lower extremities mumiyo is used in the amount of 0,3g once a day within 10 days. By testing it was determined that symptoms disappeared completely after 8-10 days. It was also determined that “shilajit” (mumiyo) stimulates regenerative processes with myocardial infarction, and accelerates regenerative processes of all muscle, nervous and bone tissues. Broken bones heal two times faster if you use “shilajit” (mumiyo).

Often forgers very skillfully forge “shilajit” (mumiyo). That occurrence was present with ancient people. Interesting way to determine the quality of “shilajit” (mumiyo), that was used by ancient people, is the following: they would break the leg of a chicken, and then they would take 0,5 g of “shilajit” (mumiyo) and mixed it with oil from a red rose. To get oil from a rose, rose petals had to be dipped in water and then it was all heated up and left to boil. Water would evaporate, and oil that remains would be poured through gauze. The mixture of “shilajit” (mumiyo) and rose oil was partly dropped into rooster’s throat, and the rest was used to coat the breaking place before they place soft bandage. If the rooster’s bone heal within 24 hours, “shilajit” (mumiyo) was considered pure and quality. Sometimes the bones would heal in 16-17 hours!

The healing properties of “Shilajit” was proven with treating of stomach problems, kidney, tuberculosis, wounds and burns, ulcers, asthma, inflammatory processes, poisons of herbal origins, diabetes. It is applied in gynecology, and it is great in post operative course for immunity boost. At Moscow medical institute they state that “Shilajit” (mumiyo) help with correction of immune system of a man with hidden immune deficit states. Namely, patients that suffer from infection allergy bronchial asthma that had the deficit of T lymphocytes, received by 0,15vg of “Shilajit” (mumiyo) two times a day, during 15- 20 days. After the treatment was over it was determined that T lymphocytes in the blood are almost at their normal values. The science puts “Shiljat” (mumiyo) in bio-stimulators of first class, the elixir that bring people from death.