What effect does one dose of royal jelly holds?

This incredible rejuvenation effect that comes with using royal jelly, is explained by modern science- quantum biology, based on the discoveries of quantum physics. Scientists, using highly sophisticated technology discovered that the effect of regular usage of royal jelly is instantly transferred to all cells, by communication network in the organism which consists of neural transmitters and hormones. Simply put, when one cell or one organ receives a positive information-all cells and organs are immediately informed about it and react by changing for the better. This, so called, quantum effect explained what some are experiencing for years with royal jelly, even those that take only one dose a day, but on a regular basis: simulative and balancing effect of jelly to the metabolism, by neurotransmitters, hormones and electrochemical signals, is transferred throughout the entire organism and “calibrates” vital functions and biochemical processes responsible for normal functioning, especially in stressful conditions-adaptogen. more

How to consume honey?

gelee royale To completely use all benefits of honey, it is necessary to apply it correctly. Honey is taken with a wooden or a plastic spoon, do not use metal one. The best thing is to dissolve it in warm water of 45 degrees, but no warmer, so that nutritional properties would not be lost. Namely, above this temperature, enzymes invertase and diastase are lost, and healing properties of honey a lost and all that remain are certain mineral substances, some thermo stabile vitamins and of course sugars. If honey is taken directly, you should keep it in your mouth for some time, because in that case many substances will be dissolved already in the mouth and directly through skin will be introduced in the blood stream. An effect similar to those when injecting nutritional substances with an injection is achieved, but this way is much more pleasant. more

Using honey in everyday life

gelee royale There are old receipts with honey that will no doubt help you to regulate your body weight. If you want to lose fat deposits, before every meal drink a glass of warm water in which two coffee spoons of honey is diluted (remember the rules for choosing spoons), wait a few minutes, a then eat a smaller meal. Honey will maintain the energy level high enough to support smaller calorie input, and it will make up for all nutritional substances in the reduced diet. If you want to gain weight, above else muscle mass, after every meal era three spoons of honey, which will support all anabolic processes, with additional input of minerals, vitamins, enzymes and all necessary nutrients. Beside from use that honey provides to us during regulating weight, it’s a great credit it has in everyday life, because it gives u strength, boosts out immune system and represent a prevention of many diseases. more

Royal jelly healing products : Effects of Gelée Royale, Vita-apinol

gelee royale Gelée Royale – protective and regenerative cream. Using of this cream makes the skin regeneration much faster. It also improves the skin functions and it protects skin against adverse conditions. It is appropriate to apply this cream to finish scars healing after cosmetic interventions and scars after reconstruction surgery. This cream is suitable everywhere, where we need a smooth and pliable scar. It is also suitable to finish healing after transplants, grafts and to make epithelium tissues stronger. more

Royal jelly in a cosmetic care

The first pioneers who researched the royal jelly effect on skin were D e c o u r t, S m i t h and others. These authors concur in a positive effect on wrinkles, complexion rejuvenation and support for skin regeneration. Other authors speak highly about beauty care when the royal jelly is locally applied. The royal jelly has biological attributes as local blood perfusion, tension (tugor) and general visual aspects of skin. more

Honey the greatest friend to the organism

Due to its great composition, honey is considered for a long time as a food and one of most important natural cures for treating wide variety of problems. The history of use of honey is old as the history of man, so that in every culture evidence can be found regarding it uses. Oldest find that confirms the importance of honey for human kind is picture old 15.000 years, discovered on a wall in a cave in Spain. Egyptian hieroglyphics talk about important role of bees and honey in everyday life of ancient Egypt, and there are incredible finds of jars with still eatable honey, old over 3.000 years, found in a tomb of a pharaoh Tutankhamen. Honey is a mixture of series of organic acids, amino acids, enzymes, pollen grains, essential oils, flavoniods, vitamins, minerals in smaller amounts (mainly vitamins B1, B2, B5, B6, C, D, E, K, and minerals sodium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, zinc, iodine, copper, chromium and selenium) and other valuable ingredients. Sugar contained in honey are fructose (around 41%), glucose (34%) and saccharine (1-2%). The amount of certain mater, depend on the type of honey and its origin. This food is a great source of energy because it presents an easily digestible high calorie food, and therefore suitable for athletes, especially because it increases stamina and reduces fatigue of muscles. Thanks to this system, honey is also a very aprecitated anti oxidant. more

The royal jelly usage in medicine

Q u e r r e r o wanted to investigate antitumor effect of the royal jelly. Therefore he served to experimental animals with epitheliomas every day 50 mg of the royal jelly. He discovered that a significant recession of these tumors started. The same impact on the Ehrlich’s carcinoma proved D e r e v i c i o v á with her team. By now, this effect of the royal jelly or the acid 10-hydroxi-delta-2-decen on tumorous cells is not clear. more

Bees Products in Medicine

Honey as the most widespread bee product is listed in medicine among the most valuable foodstuffs, especially because of its sugar content and other ingredients, such as enzymes, etheric oils and mineral salts.
During convalescence after serious diseases and operations, doctors give their patients a 20-40% specially processed, sterilized honey dilution, which is showing great results. more

Sage honey

Sage is a perennial healing plant that grows to a height of 30 to 60 cm. it has a woody stem and a very strong root. It grows as a wild plant, often in rocky places, but it’s also grown in gardens. It is picked before blooming and healing part of the plant are leaves and young branches. Sage honey is a very good way to consume something very healthy during the winter. Sage honey is made from flowers of the sage plant, it is collected from the middle of March to May. Taste (sweet) and smell of this honey is excellent, while the color is greenish-yellow. more

Royal jelly’s effects on animal and human organism

V e r g e and D e r e v I c I o v á with collectives found out that the royal jelly, diluted 1:10, is toxic for some influenza viruses’ tribes (A and B). By us, V i t t e k and M a l ý pointed to some healing effects when some diseases are cured (herpes simplex, veruces). H e l l e u – M e l a m p y and others discovered that the royal jelly reduces or even stops some microbes’ growth; these effects are called bacteriostatic or bactericidal. more