The composition of royal jelly

There has existed an eminent interest of the royal jelly composition and a lot of researchers have not left their interest till nowadays. The substance can be, according to the present analysis, divided into 8 groups. These are different in chemical compositions and biological influence:
1. mineral matters, 2. fats, 3. carbohydrates, 4. purins and pyrimidins, 5. amino acids and peptides, 6. proteins, 7. hormones, 8. vitamins. more

Bees Products in Nutrition

Most of honey (70%) is comprised of simple sugars (glucose and fructose), which going from the stomach and the bowel without any processing reach the surface of the mucous membrane, where they are absorbed directly into blood. Through blood they spread further into different parts of the body, muscles and liver, where glycogen is produced from their surpluses. In the case of an increased physical activity, glycogen contained in liver and muscles is liberated in the form of glucose sugar, the lack of which causes weariness and exhaustion. Such condition can be rapidly improved by taking carbohydrates, among which honey is the simplest, the richest and the best. In human nutrition, honey as a bee product is used mostly by laborers and athletes, who quickly refresh themselves and regain the lost strength by taking one spoonful of honey. Supporting this is the fact that first man who climbed Mont Everest, Hillary, “boosted up” his strength with a few tea-spoons of honey. more

Where is propolis used?

Propolis is soluble in alcohol and ether. Its contents and properties display great capabilities for application in gynecology, dental medicine, dermatology, cosmetics… Propolis is most often used in the form of propolis drops (a dilution of propolis in alcohol or ether). more

Taking honey before going to bed – the recipe for a successful diet

If you take a spoonful of honey before going to sleep, the processes in the organism will take a desired direction. Why honey, and why taking honey before going to sleep? The answer is simple: honey is a concentrated source of fructose, it is rich in nutritional substances, and it is tasty. Fructose is a specific liver fuel. It is one of the few, if not the only simple sugar, which can be easily converted to glucose (the only type of sugar used by the body in oxidizing processes), and by doing so it does not increase the insulin level in the body and by doing that does not cause small shocks. Fructose reaches the liver „unnoticed“, it supplies the liver steadily, and this maintains a stable level of glucose in the organism, with all the positive effects of such a condition. more

The types of bees

There are about 20000 varieties of bees on Earth, widespread in all areas of the world, except in Antarctica. The sizes of bees vary from 2mm to 4cm. They are mostly black or grey in color. There are different types of bees in Europe. They differ in color, ways their bodies are built, behavior, ability to gather nectar, pollen, etc. The best-known bee species are: Carniolan bee, Italian bee, Caucasian bee, Dark European bee, Dwarf honey bee, Giant honey bee, and Africanized bee. more

Recipes for Mead

Mead is an alcoholic liqueur produced by fermenting the mixture of honey and water. In ancient times, mead was administered to soldiers, who applied it to wounds believing they would heal faster. Mead was more than simply a drink, like wine. People believed in its magical powers of revitalization and healing, it was considered an elixir of a long life. People believed that drinking mead would make them immortal. It was believed that mead improves masculinity and virility. This, like any myth contains truth, because mead is rich with vitamin B and amino-acids which stimulate the build-up of proteins, which affect stamina. Mead is one of the oldest alcoholic beverages ever discovered by man. Honey, as the basic raw material was easily obtainable from nature, it was used in nutrition, and later it was added to varied beverages, and so mead was created. Mead is produced by alcoholic fermentation of natural honey solution, and the procedure is the same as in the production of wine. more

Royal jelly as a medicine since ancient times

Honey and royal jelly have been known for their healing ingredients since ancient times. The latest scientific research confirms the beneficial effect of royal jelly and the preparations based on royal jelly against many illnesses and ailments, while, on the other hand, contemporary medicine has not yet found adequate cures for these diseases. Royal jelly is created by worker bees secreting their saliva, and its main use is to feed the queen bee. Since the queen bee eats only royal jelly, the queen bee can lay around 2500 eggs a day, and lives up to 4-5 years, which is a much longer life-span than other bees`. more

Honey and lemon – a dietary recipe

Honey has been used for thousands of years as a medicine in Ayurveda medicine, assisting with melting the accumulated fat away. The chemical properties of honey are completely opposite to those of fat, and according to the teachings of Ayurveda medicine, it assists in melting the accumulated fat away, which is found not only under the skin, but surrounding vital organs, as well, thus obstructing their functioning and affecting the health badly. According to ancient writings, honey possesses the following health benefits: more