Apitherapy and bee's products

It was long thought that among bee’s products honey holds the most important place, due to its use and economic value. Apart from honey, great attention was always given to the WAX, as a meaningful source of material and nutritional ingredients. However, there are other BEE’S PRODUCTS, PROPOLIS, ROYAL JELLY, BEE’S venom and POLLEN that have large possibility of application in various human activities. Each of those products, thanks to their properties that are impossible to create in an industrial environment, has its market, and can make income to bee keepers. more

The meaning of royal jelly for the development of agriculture

Apiculture-studying of bees and BEE’S PRODUCTS is no longer left to the status on folk medicine. Since bee keeping and collecting of products are performed in technologically advanced conditions apitherapy reached the level of science medicine. General interest for bee’s products for treating and prevention of various diseases by medical practitioners and layman’s alike are also witnesses about validity of bee’s products as healing means. Studies show effectiveness of royal jelly for the following: fatigue, insomnia, anorexia, uneasiness, bronchial asthma, hepatitis, pancreas, arthritis, bone ache, arteriosclerosis, kidney illness, stomach ulcer, ovarian deficiency, reversing aging process, stimulating and regeneration of nervous system, for accelerating healing and consolidation of broken bones, skin diseases, and promotes sexual rejuvenation. Since it action seems as more systematic than action that influences specific biological function, royal jelly is highly recommended for many number of uses. more

Honey in service of health

Honey is a product made by BEES, product that represents an extremely healthy food, cure, treat and cosmetic. According to the legend honey is a “Gift from god”. COMPOSITION OF HONEY is very complex. It contains several types of sugars, but fruit and grape sugars are predominant. Those are simple sugars that after taking very quickly get into the blood without burdening the organism with its processing. That is why honey is a very important source of energy. It is suitable for use by people, especially after being sick for athletes, children and workers on hard manual jobs. Beside sugars, honey contains proteins, amino acids, enzymes, organic acids, mineral matter and other. It is extremely rich with vitamins, especially from group B complex of vitamins. more

Wax lids

By removing lids from wax cells before COLLECTING HONEY you get wax lids. If the honey comb is virgin (from which young bees did not hatch), then this is the most quality BEES’S WAX along with honey these lids make an extraordinary treat. Besides they also have very special healing properties. They are ideal for boosting immunity, and should be prepared as separated bee’s product, because they are indeed that. more

Treatment with pollen

In doctoral practice pollen was first used in a Paris clinic in 1956 by Lenormand and Chauvin. The results of their experiments in which they were applies pollen in treatment of patients with chronic intestine diseases were unexpectedly good. The product influenced in a regulative manner on functioning of intestine tract. It acted favorably on chronic constipation and on chronic diarrhea that accompany bacteria resistant on treatment with antibiotics. Antibiotic activity of pollen against intestine bacteria is probably the only basic healing element in treating inflamed intestine diseases. Great clinical experience in application of pollen is attained by Lenormand. He got good results with kidney complications due to intestine inflammation. Author with success applied pollen as bio-stimulator in cases of accelerated aging and weakness due to old age. more

Products based in royal jelly

Royal jelly is used in human nutrition and for healing, or mixed with honey (most often in ratio 1:100)m or diluted in 45% alcohol. more

Royal jelly as "super food" and healing asset for human organism

Royal jelly is one of most meaningful and least tested BEE'S PRODUCTS. That is a secretion from glands of youngest nurse bees that all larvae use for feeding in the first 2-3 days. Royal jelly has a surprising power to transform larvae of ordinary bee that eats it into a queen that lives thirty to forty times more that a drone. Numerous chemical testing enabled to correctly determine the composition of royal jelly. It contains incredible amounts of proteins, lipids, glucids, vitamins, hormones, enzymes, minerals, special vital factors that behave as bio catalysts in the process of cellular regeneration in human body. Although certain elements are found in royal jelly in minute amounts, they can still act to extremity along with coenzymes as catalysts or can act synergistic. more

Factors that influence healing properties of royal jelly

Royal jelly is clear less mass with white to pale yellow color. It has a characteristic aroma and sharp bitter taste with sweet accent. It has a complex chemical structure which is produced by young nurse bees as food for larvae. Although it is not well known as BEE’S POLLEN, royal jelly is equal to pollen in healing properties. Young nurse bees make royal jelly that is the secretion from the glands on the top of their heads. 2-3 days, royal jelly is the only food that is given to all larvae in their maturing process, while for the queen that is the food for the entire live period. For 3 days during of which larvae of worker bees were fed with royal jelly, they reach maximum development: their weight increases about 250 times. Queen reaches maturity 5 days before worker bees; when it completely matures, its weight is twice as much as worker bees. Life expectancy o of worker bee is 35-40 days< while the queen lives 5-6 years and is extremely fruitful. Once it is impregnated it can lay up to 3000 eggs a day during summer season. No matter how ever this seems unbelievable, it can lay that many eggs for up to 5 years. Every being that has that much energy and vitality needs to respect. more

Honey as food

Today’s medicine came to the conclusion that honey is precious food for a human, from birth to old age, in sickness and health. Of course there are certain rules, how, when and how much honey should be taken, so we will list some of them: more

Propolis as cure

Propolis is a bee’s product that represents a mixture of resin substances which is collected from leaf buds of wooden plants by bees, most often from willow, chestnut and poplar. The application of propolis in medical purposes is quite wide and is used for treating of following problems: more