Pollen in psychiatry

In the first international seminar about apitherapy in 1974 in Madrid, Spanish doctor dr. Llopis Paret inform participants that since 1971 he started using flower powder-pollen for treating diseases that fall into an area of psychotherapy, especially for treating alcoholism. He used POLLEN in large number of cases and achieved very good results. For his display his chosen three basic groups of diseases:

1. Depressive syndromes
2. Cases of fatigue-asthenia
3. Alcoholism more

Pollen from a comb

Pollen from a comb is fermented pollen, that is, product that is created, which BEES collect from plant flowers and bring it in the hive, process it by adding products from their secretion glands. Practically, bees that bring the pollen in the hive soak it with secretions from their glands, placing it in comb cells and cover it with honey. In the process of fermentation, pollen processed by bees becomes richer with numerous amino acids, ferments, various yeasts, bacteria, milk acid and other. The processed pollen is placed in comb cells by bees (up to around 2/3 of cells), and the remaining part above the pollen from a comb in the cell is filled with water, bees when processing pollen use over 200 microorganisms, initiating a very complex pollen fermentation process. more

How to use pollen?

It is undisputable that flower powder POLLEN has a great, comprehensive effect on human organism, considering very strict conditions for preserving ROYAL JELLY, many experts equate pollen with it. Useful ingredients in royal jelly, due to inadequate storing and conditions in which they are presented on the market, are lost more quickly (several hours) than it is the case with pollen (several months). Again, in pollen the amount of essential amino acids is lower, so that this opinions is somewhat justified. Here are just some of the wrong ways people use pollen: more

Bee's wax as cure

Bee’s wax in therapy: When preparing wax for therapy, its plates are previously chopped to small pieces, and them melted in a pot with double bottom or placed in a smaller pot and then put that one in a bigger one with heated water. If the wax is brittle or lean, it needs to be supplemented with little wax oil (on 4 kg of wax, 1 liter of oil), in order to be soft, pliable, oily to the touch, and to absorb and retains heat, and does not peels off skin while removing it. more

Honey is already prepared natural product

Nature is rich in vast amounts of flower plants (natural and cultivated) whose flowers with special nectar glands in their flowers and outside of them secrete sweet and scented liquid-nectar. Nectar with its smell, and flower with its color attracts bee which perform the pollination procedure. more

Where should you place a bee hive and hygiene of bee keping

For every bee keeper, and especially for a beginner an appropriate spot where your bee hive will be placed is important, regardless of whether it a stationary or migration bee keeping. In both cases you have to take care that you don’t over populate the field, because apart from underused exploitation of pasture, there are certain: diseases, swarm of bees and drones and danger from infection or parasite invasion. more

10 Health benefits of honey

Honey has been a part of human diet since prehistoric time. That is the most important bee’s product, and by definition honey is pure product in which there are no additives or any other substances. Most important benefits of honey will be presented here. more

Use of honey in supression of verious diseases

Apart from its nutritional and diet value, honey is for a long time one of most successful therapeutica assets. The list of old data regarding the use of honey as a cure by earlier civilizations is long. Today there are more and more doctors and medical institutions that recommend honey as prophylactic and healing asset. more

Raw honey

Raw honey is the only unheated, unprocessed, unpasteurized type of honey. It is a pure honey. “Raw” means that it excludes all forms of heating, in order to preserve the nutritional elements, enzymes, vitamins. It is the concentrated nectar of flowers. Since it does not ferment in the stomach, raw honey can be used to stop acid indigestion. Raw honey also alleviates nausea when mixed with lemon juice and ginger, and it also boosts energy. Of all the types of honey, raw honey contains the enzyme amylase concentrated in the flower pollen Amylase aids the pre-digestion of starchy foods. more

Honey as natural food and cure

Nutritional and healing value of honey is known since old days. Doctors and diet experts have determined that the value comes not only from sugar which is the main ingredient of honey but it gives it that quality of high calorie food, especially since sugars in honey are monosaccharides (simple sugars) unlike complex such as sugar made from sugar beet. more