What to consider when buying, using and preserving honey?

Of course, you are not always able to know is honey that you intend to buy have all of the below listed qualities. Talk to the salesman about the honey they are selling and try to find out as much as you can to assess its quality. more

Honey As Natural Food And Cure

Nutritional and healing value of honey is known since old days. Doctors and diet experts have determined that the value comes not only from sugar which is the main ingredient of honey but it gives it that quality of high calorie food, especially since sugars in honey are monosaccharides (simple sugars) unlike complex such as sugar made from sugar beet. Mineral ingredients, vitamins, enzymes and anti bacterial substances of honey give it that exceptional meaning in the diet of all categories of society, but most of all for children and elderly. more

Pollen nutrition and healing

It is well known that to preserve health, freshness and good mood until old age, you need rational food. Long-term variation from normal and healthy diet entails the damage to the metabolism, which ultimately leads to the occurrence of chronicle illness. These processes in the organism develop slowly and cannot be seen right away. To avoid that, every day diet needs to be complete. more

Why Is Honey So Special?

Plants gather moisture and nutrients from the land and the atmosphere, and this has an impact on the production of nectar. This fluid contains large amounts of secreted nectar and small amounts of protein, salts, acids, enzymes, and aromatic compounds. Making honey depends not only on the plant, but also the geographical convenience and time. In short, you'll hardly ever get the same nectar and therefore honey, which is what makes it special. For example nectar contains 15% of lime, 15% of white clover and 70% of marjoram sugar. Have you ever wondered why an apple has more fruit on the sunny side of the tree? This is because the nectar is concentrated more on the sunny side of the tree, and therefore more attractive to bees. The more visits from bees means more pollinations for plants. more

Make honey with herbs

We know how much honey is healthy and why it is considered a super-food, and when you add herbs, you can get a delicious food and a real natural cure. Read how to make honey with rose petals and lavender (you can use cinnamon, cloves, rosemary, sage, mint, vanilla). more

Simple Methods For Determining The Validity Of Honey

Natural honey is used in cooking, cosmetics, in disease prevention and weight loss. Honey is a source of energy rich in vitamins and minerals and has anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties. There are three basic types of honey: Natural (pure), counterfeit and artificial. Natural honey is made from RAW HONEY, counterfeit honey contains natural honey, and other ingredients, artificial honey is made from sugar syrup or corn syrup, additives and colors. more

Honey in Service Of Beauty

Honey is just a food but also a natural product that is getting more and more attention in cosmetic industry. It has plenty of sugars, vitamins (B1, B2, B6, C), minerals (potassium, sodium, magnesium, copper), and also enzymes and tannins, it can calm a sensitive skin it regenerates dry hair and refreshes dries lips. more

Why Is Honey Good For Skin?

Honey is one of oldest and most checked resources for care. Women have been using it for hydration of dry and soothing irritated skin. Thanks to a large content of vitamins, enzymes, amino acids and minerals this gift of nature is really irreplaceable ingredient in many products intended for skin and hair care. It is suitable for any type of skin, and here are the ways this nutritional product from beehive betters our skin. more

What Famous People Said About Honey

About how honey and bee’s products are important for our health, many scientific studies and numerous renowned experts can testify. Since the creation of man many healing qualities have been attributed to it. Books are written about it, it is described in many songs, used in many countries during religious rituals, and was often painted in frescoes and cave walls. That is why it is not surprising that honey was always considered as a “gift from god” and many famous people pointed out its advantages. more

Adventages Of Honey Over Sugar

It is necessary to know the composition of honey and quality of all types of honey because only those that know its advantage know why it should be used every day. Honey is one of the purest natural food that contains mineral ingredients in those amounts that are sufficient to preserve organic balance.
Honey is also one of rare product that doesn’t lose all of its ingredients for a long time which is not the case with fruit and vegetables. It is an excellent mediator-link between different vitamins. more