Honey As Most Prezd Possession

Since ancient times, honey is used as food and as medicine. Bee keeping as agricultural branch dates back to 700 years before new era. Through centuries, due to its specific sweetness and lovely appearance, honey was treated as most prized possession. It was used in religious ceremonies as a gift to gods. Long consummation of honey was reserved for rich layers of society, until bee keeping became more present, and there was enough honey for all social layers. more

Composition of honey

Science determined that honey contains over 70 precious ingredients, of which the most important are aromatic matter (essential oils), herbal dyes (determine taste, aroma, and color of honey) and acids (formic, malic, tartaric, lactic). These substances, with certain ferments, are a natural conservancy of honey. more

Honey As a Natural Medicine

In folk medicine honey is recommended for healthy and sick people as a way to boost and create immunity. Honey becomes a special bio stimulant when it is combined with pollen, propolis and royal jelly. Therapies with this type of honey are conducted four times a year and have a regenerative effect on young and older alike. more

Honey: Glycemic Index And Significance

Many athletes and especially top ones, to achieve good results have to, apart from regular and long lasting trainings take care about their diet. Considering that physical activity releases a large amount of energy, it has to be replenished somehow after training. Glycemic index of honey is differently introduced, and ranges from 40 to 90, while glucose, that is, grape sugar has a glycemic index lot bigger than honey, somewhere around 100. Therefore most of athletes are interested what is better to use: honey or glucose in combination with proteins? more

Honey Is Product That Never Goes Bad

Did you know which life food has the ability to without any conservation and freezing keeps its chemical and useful properties for several thousand of years? What food can you leave as a heritage to your great, great- grand children without it going bad? The answer is simple…. Only food with this benefits is a basic product of honey bees and the most healthiest product of nature - honey. This capability of honey is a result of anti microbial effect. more

Honey and bees as a gift from good

Many myths and legends are created about bees. So on the obelisk Flemish, built about 6000 years ago in ancient Egypt, a figure of a bee is made with a leaned head and lifted wings.
Considering that people in ancient century new about a way in which the honey is created, it was attributed with extraterrestrial origin. Many people considered it a gift from god and myths and legend were created about it. Because of its healing properties it was declared as a sacred gift, which served in many religious and festive ceremonies. For example many ancient people during festive occasions drank beverage made from root of tree Lonchocarpus with honey. more

Propolis: natural antibiotic

Propolis is ancient natural remedy that is successfully used today in treating wide variety of illness. Bees make it from herbal residue collected from tree buds, and beekeeper just removes it from the wooden parts of the hive.
During the entire history propolis was used for treating all kinds of illness. Old Greeks used it to treat wounds, and Greek doctor Hippocrates in the 5th century BC used it from treating ulcers. Because of that its name comes from Greek words: pro, meaning infront and polis, which means city and in antique times it was a synonym for defense. Propolis even for bees represents a certain type of defense: with that sticky and hard residue they patch up cracks in the hive, close combs to preserve honey or to protect eggs, prevent entrance of cold and insects in the hive or coat dead insects. Propolis protects from infections so bees use it for disinfection of combs. more

Significance of pollen for bee keeping

The significance that flower powder has for hibernating over the winter and early development of bee’s community is so big that from it depends of the yield of honey and the survival of bees themselves. more

Harvesting Honey - Sweet Job

The principle for removing honey from wax comb using centrifugal force was discovered in Italy in 1865 by Major Francesco Hruschka. According to the story, his son bringing frames from the apiary, defended himself from bees that followed him by swinging the honeycomb. Honey started to flow, and the idea was transformed into a first machine for harvesting honey. However, it wasn’t accepted at the beginning, until business Americans bought it as “interesting, but useless machine” and started its mass production. Modern world bee keeping industry was born that way. more

Sunflover Honry: Health Effects And Application

Sunflower is a well known oily plant, that when it begins to pollinate presents a very important bee pasture. Sunflower flowers give bees during favorable year abundance of nectar and pollen powder. It blooms in the beginning of July and lasts for 20 days, and in areas where there are differences in planting time it can prolong the pasture up to a month. Nectar is mostly secreted during warm days and with morning dews at a temperature of 24-30 C. On a single plant there can be up to 1.500 flowers of which the first ones produce most nectar. That it is good to move the bees right before blooming. On all types of soil it does not pollinate equally, depending on the type of seed. Under favorable conditions strong bee communities can produce up to 30 kg and more. more