Honey recipes

Honey as on one of the healthiest foods has been on our tables for centuries. Besides its main role in sweetening teas and lemonades, honey is often found in many dishes as a main or extra additive. Due to its specific flavor, it is used not only in making cookies and cakes, but it has a wide application in preparing classical dishes. Honey beverages are very popular, among which mead recipe is the most popular.

Honey and lemon – a dietary recipe

Honey has been used for thousands of years as a medicine in Ayurveda medicine, assisting with melting the accumulated fat away. The chemical properties of honey are completely opposite to those of fat, and according to the teachings of Ayurveda medicine, it assists in melting the accumulated fat away, which is found not only under the skin, but surrounding vital organs, as well, thus obstructing their functioning and affecting the health badly. According to ancient writings, honey possesses the following health benefits: ...read more

Recipes for Mead

Mead is an alcoholic liqueur produced by fermenting the mixture of honey and water. In ancient times, mead was administered to soldiers, who applied it to wounds believing they would heal faster. Mead was more than simply a drink, like wine. People believed in its magical powers of revitalization and healing, it was considered an elixir of a long life. People believed that drinking mead would make them immortal. It was believed that mead improves masculinity and virility. This, like any myth contains truth, because mead is rich with vitamin B and amino-acids which stimulate the build-up of proteins, which affect stamina. Mead is one of the oldest alcoholic beverages ever discovered by man. Honey, as the basic raw material was easily obtainable from nature, it was used in nutrition, and later it was added to varied beverages, and so mead was created. Mead is produced by alcoholic fermentation of natural honey solution, and the procedure is the same as in the production of wine. ...read more

Honey Schnapps - Healing Properties, Preparation, usage and reciepe

Honey schnapps, honey liqueur…. is a natural traditional beverage that originates from southern Europe. It is known that a similar beverage was prepared during the time of ancient Romans. It is manufactured in almost all countries of the world. Many out of ignorance liqueur-schnapps made from honey call “Mead”. Namely “Mead” is a name for a wine with addition of honey while honey schnapps or liqueur (schnapps made from plum, pear, quince and apricot) is enriched with honey. Depending on the amount, quality of the type of the honey that is placed at the base you get a really nice color with a mild smell of honey. ...read more